5 Website investors you should follow in 2020

website investors you should follow in 2020

After my list of 6 website investors you should follow in 2019, it is only natural to post a new list! Since my list last year I’ve met several individuals in this industry that are making waves. So this post is a perfect gateway to see who’s out there, and what’s being created to support you.

The passion economy is growing and now more than ever Gary Vaynerchuck’s advice makes sense.

“You collect smurfs? Smurf it up!”

— Gary Vaynerchuck

When will website investing become mainstream?

People like Blake Hutchison (CEO of Flippa) certainly think that website investing will become mainstream. And buying a digital asset that’s making money such as AdSense website, Dropshiping business, or eCommerce website will be as ubiquitous as buying a car or a house.

Just imagine, you pick an industry, product, and business you actually love and care about? What a concept.

So, how do we get there? Luckily for us, there are people who are able to provide stepping stones.


1. Blake Hutchison

Flippa was my gateway to website investing. Once I was hooked there’s no turning back! That’s where I found out I could actually buy a website, and make my money back in less than 2 years. Blake Hutchison is the CEO of Flippa and he runs a tight ship! Flippa improved its screening process, security features and made many other improvements since he came on board.

They are keeping the entry point low for newcomers, so you don’t actually have to shell out six-figures just to get your feet wet. At the same time, their deal flow is significant so there’s something for everybody, including you. No waiting lists, just dive in.

You should know:  At the moment there are over 3000 listings with 120,000 buyers and sellers. Blake has been with Flippa since September 2018.

2. Andrej Ilisin

If you browse closely on Flippa, you can find a special deal with Alpha Investors. They offer ready-made website that you can pick and choose from. Prices are higher compared to the no-name seller, but you get a high-quality, well-researched website!

Fellow Croatian behind Alpha Investors, and https://investors.club is Andrej Ilisin. Is investors.club different than Alpha Investors, you ask? Yes, it’s a separate project with a members-only marketplace for serious buyers and sellers. No purchase fees, no sales commissions and superior due diligence!

Furthermore, just as I was writing this, I received notification that they launched a website valuation tool, so definitely check that out.

You should know: Just by looking at Investors.club’s sample listing, you can learn a lot about proper due diligence.

3. Matt Raad and Liz Raad

Here’s a different route you can take. Instead of buying a website, how about learn the entire process and build it yourself? Matt Raad and Liz Raad are website investors and co-founders at e-Business Institute. Aside from their digital marketing and web development courses what really caught my attention was:

“How To Buy Established Websites Training Program – Build Your Online Income Portfolio The Fast, Smart Way”

Learn more about their training here.

You should know: Some of his students went on to buy a website for $20,000, and then made over $100,000 in 12 months. Matt is an angel investor, and has founded e-Business Institute in January 2017.

4. Jon Gillham

In my last year’s list, I mentioned Spencer Haws, and in this one, I will mention his new business partner Jon Gillham. Recently they started Motion Invest. Jon is famous for creating amazing content (like the one about recent Amazon update) and although Motion Invest was started last year, he’s been on my radar for a while.

I already mentioned his Amazon FBA success on webmaster.ninja blog.

You should know: Motion Invest recently gave away a website that was making $200 per month.

5. Adam Smith

Hand-picked powerful expiring/auctioned domains direct to your inbox? Affiliate website that’s being fed with content and backlinks by some else? Those are the type of projects that Adam starts!
Domain Geeks and  Niche Website Builders!

You should know: Adam is a up&coming website investor from Cardiff, and these projects were started recently.

That’s it for now! I have many other website investors to reveal, but I gotta leave some ammo for 2021! Besides, who has time for long list?! Happy website investing, and take care!

I have been an Internet entrepreneur since 2006. Co-founded and sold a small web hosting business. I am the CEO of WhoAPI and Webmaster.ninja. I also own 25 small websites in various niches.
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