The Secret to Success

the secret to success ljubljana

Few years ago I watched Eric Thomas on Youtube, and his words made a lasting impact on me. When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you’ll be successful. Wow… Don’t let nothing stop you!

I enjoyed Eric’s book The Secret to Success, and while I was in Ljubljana, Slovenia I was able to record my 5 takeaways. When I first started doing these videos I would freak out when I saw that somebody is about to walk by me while I was filming, and I would be anxious… But I want to stay true to my cause, valuable takeaways from a great book with a significant background. In this video I could sense the progress I’ve made with my confidence since I was standing in the middle of the a square in downtown Ljubljana with two buses of tourists just coming out. And here are was filming my 5 takeaways! Haha! If someone told me this couple months ago I wouldn’t believe it.

I know which book I am reading, but where do we make the next video?

I have been an Internet entrepreneur since 2006. Co-founded and sold a small web hosting business. I am the CEO of WhoAPI and I also own 25 small websites in various niches.
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