Use interviews as a lead magnet

After interviewing some of the biggest domainers in the world, what can I share with you? Before I get to that I think there’s something else that is perhaps even more worth sharing, and that’s why I interviewed them in the first place. Why interviews?

1. Interviews are great link bait.

If you ask a good question other blogs and web sites might link to that content because the industry expert you interviewed might have said something smart (and there’s a good chance for it), maybe even visionary. Your task is to create an environment for him to shine!

A great example is my interview with one of the founders of DigitalOcean. This interview was later mentioned by countless websites, including Wikipedia. Have you ever tried to get a backlink from Wikipedia? Yeah, let me know how it goes. Heck, 7 years later I am still linking to that interview!

Ivan Brezak Brkan interviews Goran Duskic

Sometimes the roles are switched and you are the one being interviewed. Interviews, go figure…

2. Success stories are great content

Interviews are easier to read than the author monolog. Also, people rather read what industry expert has to say, than what some newbie has to say. No offense to anyone, heck I consider myself a newbie.

Interviews are great content because industry experts have more than a few interesting stories to tell. The guy that went with a machete in the jungle has the most interesting stories. While the guy that 50 years later just drove by on the tarmac doesn’t have much to add.

3. Interviewing someone is better than guest posting

If you ask someone for a guest post, there’s a better chance they will refuse than an interview. Why? If you are interviewing someone it means you are giving them certain credit and recognition (successful people love that, it’s their tap on the back). But don’t forget, what you are really after is creating quality content, and a great website! In return, this will increase the traffic to your website!

Whereas a guest post is the same, only a level below. With interviews, you kinda give people a template or a road map of what to write about which is people’s biggest problem. Most of them don’t know what to write about, how to start, and they have the writer’s block. If you add daily work, problems, busy schedule, it’s easy to say no to a guest post.

4. Want access to someone who is hard to reach?

Think of your absolute best and prosperous client in the world. Call him or send him an email if you can pitch him your product. You probably know his answer in advance. Ask that same person to do an interview. Do you think your chances of reaching him increased?

What do you think which stands a better chance? It’s all about building relationships with your leads! Soft sell. Catching the whale, that’s what it’s all about.

5. Interviews with big names give your company a great context

What do you think about how do your partners, potential customers, clients, media, industry experts perceive your company if all the big names are present on your company’s web site? Good or bad? Positive or negative?

However, one thing has to be clear, it’s not only you that are getting the benefits. The person that is being interviewed gets the traction as well. You do all the hard work to get as many visitors as possible to read about this successful industry expert, you link to all the URL’s that person provides, and he can happily share the interview with his friends, clients, and partners. It’s a win-win situation.

6. Going viral

In some cases, you can include several industry experts in your article, and one of the influential people you interviewed may mention this in his social circle. This can be social media, email, or live event. This is where your article can especially pick up some traffic.

One last tip, don’t interview the first person that comes to mind. Interview business persons that you would like as your favorite customer. But don’t pitch! Don’t even hint a pitch. Be patient! Let them realize the potential of your product by themselves. Think about how they do it in the Inception movie! If you pitch, the dream will collapse.

Sales is a delicate process such as planting an idea in the movie Inception

5 takeaways from The Sales Bible

the sales bible

I recorded another video for my YouTube channel. This time I was doing something differently. I recorded the video in my living room, so I didn’t have to hold the camera in my hand (which can be a trouble after 2 x 10 minutes of recording). (Don’t believe me? Try it.)

Another news, the microphone I bought already broke down, so I ordered a new one from Amazon. Hopefully this one will actually work at least a year. This things aren’t that cheap…

I only made 1 recording of The Sales Bible, so it’s not really perfect, but I had to keep moving so we’re going to have to suck it up, and let it be. It’s not so much that I didn’t travel in the past two weeks (although my car is in the workshop for the past 7 days #IncompetentMechanic), it’s just that I wanted to keep recording, I already read books, so I already have other in the pipeline. And I wanted to see how it would work with indoor videos, lighting, and especially sound now that I am without a microphone.

The book itself was great, and I actually listened to it twice (I sometimes do that) in two weeks. And as you’ll see from the video, the whole point of sales is to do what you learned and move forward, not just read and think. You have to act. Actually, that’s common with every book, but that’s especially evident when it comes to learning a new skill, like sales.

In short, the five takeaways are:
1. Failure is an event, not a person – Zig Ziglar. Failure is not about insecurity, it’s about lack of execution.
2. When asked a buying question, move in to close the client.
3. Selling is not telling its asking questions and listening.
4. The 10.5 Commandments of Sales Success.
5. One of most repeated word throughout the book was rapport.

Oh yes, I also wanted to showcase the new T-shirt that I got from Permia. I just couldn’t wait for warmer days to show it to you.

The 10X Rule by Grant Cardone

The 10x rule by Grant Cardone

After a short break on my YouTube channel due to 2 books that didn’t meet my standards, and since I stopped reading after 40-50 pages, I was able to pick up the pace with Grant Cardone’s The 10X Rule!

Again, in my humble opinion, I was able to improve my video. This time by shooting with the new iPhone (what an improvement from my old iPhone). I also dropped my WhoAPI pitch that was first at the begining of the video, and then later at the end of the video. It just doesn’t add value to the video, but it makes it much longer. I’ll try to deal with this in the future, but for now I’ve decided to proceed without the hard pitch inside these short videos.

I already have some improvements planned for my next one, but let’s first enjoy this one.