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Name, trademark, .com , social

Finding a good name that’s safe for trademarking and with available .com registration and social media handle sounds impossible. Not for us.

Advanced technology

We have the software that can do wonders when it comes to domain availability checks, plowing through mountain of domain data, monitoring and more.


Our portfolio of websites gets nearly half a million unique visitors per month. We can help you promote your new product.


Once you start creating a powerful brand with us, there’s no stopping you. We’ll create a unique name and social media presence, with a top priority to control and maintain that appearance. Expired domains, SSL certificates, malware reports on Google, downtime and blacklists destroy your online reputation in a single minute. We’ll help you prevent that.


Your only problem is obscurity! If you let us put your product in front of hundreds of thousands of people, you will hit your goals in record time!


We understand our clients and their needs. Your goals are different if you are starting, growing or monitoring your success. There are tools, strategies and tactics that can help.


Can you sell my domain names?

No, we do not sell domain names or broker websites. We might be interested in buying your website, if you have one for sale, please contact us.

Can you help me find a good domain name?

The short answer is no. We’ve built tools that can help you find domain names, and created content to direct you. However, if you want our team to help find a good name for your product it probably won’t be possible.

How can I get my product in front half a million people?

Very easy, just contact us with your product, budget and we will create a campaign tailored to your needs.

Where can I try the website monitoring?

You can access it here – The volume of content, tools and tips wouldn’t fit on this website, so we’ve created a separate website for that. 

Are you interested in buying my website?

If it has at least 1000 unique visitors per day, or making at least $100 per month in revenue, we might be interested. Please reach out to us to get an offer.

Are you interested in buying my domain name?

Unfortunately no. We get too many unsolicited offers anyway, and we are capable of finding solid domain names on our own. Like most people, we like to buy domain names, but not being sold one.


“I’ve met Goran almost 6 years ago, aside his web development knowledge and his amazing communication skills which are on top, but one thing that caught my mind from the start is his passion for the thing he does.”


“I am lucky that I have met you. Your business expertise is mixed with a professional approach and enormous involvement which is exactly what I was looking for. I feel that you have spent your past 20 years living and working in the developed countries. Well done! Keep it up!”

DRAGOMIR GABRIC Speaker, author, consultant

“I didn’t have any experience with domains, and I kept getting various offers for domains I wasn’t sure I needed. That was all cleared when I hired Goran’s company, and now my company is profiting from the domains we do have.”

MARTI SLINDE Slinde communications

“Goran is bright and creative entrepreneur. We have worked closely through the one acquisition, when my company took over his former hosting business. He is one of those people that make things happen, full of enthusiasm and energy.”


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