Stardate May 9th, 2020.


  • Typing this on Colemak
  • Big news this year, I moved to Rab, #IslandLiving
  • After 2 years, I switched from Vegan to a “pescatarian”. I still eat mostly plant-based, with an occasional dairy, fish. Also I prefer fresh, local and organic (fish included)
  • Still reading like crazy. Last three books I read: Self-made Success, Ultimate Sales Machine, Get Things Done
  • Since moving to Rab, I walk every day 2-5 kilometers.
  • Living with my fiancee, yep, we are still madly in love 😀
  • No kids and we intend to stay that way


  • Still working on WhoAPI, big plans for our 10-year anniversary.
  • After buying 50 websites in the past few years, in 2020 I am mostly selling and consolidating my portfolio. More on website investing.
  • I go to every day to see how my website portfolio is doing
  • I am still hunting every backlink I can get. Including this page