Stardate March 19th, 2021.


  • Typing this on Colemak, it’s been two years since I switched
  • We just celebrated one year since moving to Rab, #IslandLiving
  • Who’s we? Living with my fiancee, yep, we are still madly in love 😀
  • After a summer of a “pescatarian” diet, I am now eating mostly plant-based with an occasional egg (local) and fish (fresh and local). But I occasionally break this with occasional, cheese pizza.
  • Breakfast is always reserved for mixed fruit, seeds, and occasionally oats with almond milk. This has been the case for the past 12 months.
  • After taking a bit of a break from books, I read a lot in the past couple of months. Oversubscribed, Case against sugar, The science of getting rich, The little book of Ikigai, and I read almost all of Paul Akers books! I started reading Cashvertising but decided it wasn’t worth it.
  • Since moving to Rab, my fiance and I walk almost every day 2-5 kilometers. The record was 7.5 kilometers. We have practiced this even during winter, and Covid lockdown.
  • The last time I swam was October 31st 2020, and it was awesome. I am waiting to break my record for the earliest swimming as well. Who knows, maybe next month!
  • I just bought a used Audi A3, 2013, very happy with the purchase. I was doing fine without a car, but my mom got seriously ill (nothing to do with Covid, she’s tested negative), so I need the car more than during the past year.


  • domain name was registered in February 2011, and we missed the launch of our decade anniversary due to some unforeseen events. I am not talking about Covid either. But we are in good shape and should launch soon.
  • After buying 50 websites in the past few years, in 2021 I am still mostly selling and consolidating my portfolio. More on website investing. For example, in January I sold 2 small websites for $2500, and bought 1 “not-so-small” website for $4500. Some of these websites are being sold publicly.
  • I still go to every week to see how my website portfolio is doing, and lately, I’ve been writing and publishing there like crazy. 5 new articles just this month, published more than 15,000 words.
  • I am still hunting every backlink I can get. Including this page