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Few days ago I read James Clear’s “Transform your habits“, and here’s me transforming them. Kudos to James. I would recommend this read to anyone who I care about (both this post and James’s guide), so it got me writing .



So I figured I’d give a few more recommendations what might help out.

Studying to become a Jedi
Since today, I am a level 1 Jedi master. Trust me, it’s not just closing your eyes, and hoping the force will do the rest. There is an intense workout involved. Check it our here: Jedi master workout

“The body cannot live without the mind”
— Morpheus
Why stop at Jedi master training. Instead of regular ol’ music, why not put a little bit of preaching by Jim Rohn?
Jim Rohn – Best life ever
If you don’t know who Jim Rohn is, this is a must see for you. It’s 4 and a half hours, so if you workout for only 20 minutes, this video will support you for the next 14 sessions.

After working out, may I recommend a dose of a cold shower (courtesy of Timothy Ferris 4 hour body, and Dragomir Gabric Kolo Srece) they both recommend it in their books. After that cold shower, I recommend what Tony Robbins recommends you do every morning when you wake up. Water + drop of lemon or my favorite hot water + lemon juice + honey. This oxygenates your body, and even cancer cells don’t do well in an environment like that.

Addon: Don’t over do it, because you might burn out, or just stop improving. But you already knew that if you read James’s guide.

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